Nickerson making this fine community better                                                                          Published The Day November 05. 2017 12:01AM 

East Lyme is the jewel of southeastern Connecticut. We are blessed to be a part of this fine community. The town government, under the leadership of First Selectman Mark Nickerson, has worked well together for the good of the residents of East Lyme. Our award winning schools, our bustling Main Street, our parks and recreation areas, including the renowned boardwalk and beaches, are all thriving under Mark’s leadership. Mark draws on his extensive experience of 18 years in various positions in town government, including the last three years as first selectman, and his 30 years of business experience to give him incomparable leadership ability. He always has the town and its citizens as his first priority. 

Help continue this successful performance of your town, East Lyme, by voting for Mark Nickerson, our first selectman, and his team on Election Day.

Regina and Bill Kowenhoven

East Lyme

East Lyme’s Mark Nickerson is the ideal first selectman                                                                                            Published October 18. 2017 5:32PM 

We are lucky in East Lyme to have a first selectman who has both a genuine affection for the community and the business and administrative skills to lead effectively. 
People run for local public office for different reasons. Most mean well, and want to serve, but may lack any relevant experience. A town is a complicated organization, best served by an executive officer with background both in business and public service. 
Mark Nickerson is the ideal first selectman. He has served the town for years at every level of local government while developing and running two successful businesses. His business skills are apparent in his seamless handling of town finances and negotiations. His advocacy for East Lyme is tireless and constant. 
I am a lifetime resident of East Lyme. I've been voting in local elections since 1975. We have never had a better first selectman. I will vote enthusiastically for Mark Nickerson. 

Michael Foley
East Lyme

Endorsed by The Day again!!!!

Re-elect Nickerson in East Lyme

Published November 02. 2017 5:51PM | Updated November 02. 2017 7:34PM           By The Day Editorial Board   

We suppose a highly skilled politician might somehow make the case for a change in leadership in East Lyme, where First Selectman Mark Nickerson administers to a town with a healthy and growing tax base, excellent schools, a diverse housing stock and a great little village in Niantic.

But Wesley “Wes” Firmin is not a skilled politician and he has not made the case.

It is race of Republican versus Republican, with Nickerson the party nominee and Firmin challenging him by way of the petition process. While Firmin deserves credit for making this a contested race and giving voters a choice, it is not much of a contest and the choice is clear.

Under Nickerson’s watch, the town recently exited the state trooper program in favor of its own independent police department. The timing was right. And Nickerson is exploring the potential for consolidating police service with neighboring Old Lyme. Firmin said at a recent debate such talk comes too soon after creating the independent police force. We don’t see why.

Things are getting done. Prudent zoning has generated development to broaden the tax base without adversely affecting the quality of residential life. A debate on improving aging elementary schools led to a consensus to renovate them.

Nickerson, who became first selectman in 2015, has overseen the renovation and reopening of the Niantic Boardwalk. It complements a village of Niantic that seems to grow in charm and vibrancy with each passing year.

Soon to add to the village’s appeal is the pending conversion of a centrally located parcel from an outdated service station to a small park overlooking Niantic Bay. Firmin calls it unnecessary given other needs, but voters overwhelmingly approved the purchase. By enhancing the village’s attractiveness, it is well worth the investment.

Nickerson deserves much credit, but certainly not all credit, for this progress. He has kept things moving in the right direction after the successful service of his predecessor as first selectman, Paul Formica, now a state senator.

Firmin tries to make the case that Nickerson, because he has two GEICO offices, cannot give the job his full focus. But anyone bothering to watch knows the incumbent puts in long hours.

The Day endorses Mark Nickerson for re-election as first selectman of East Lyme.

​Endorsements and Letters to the Editor:

Firsthand witness to Nickerson’s great work                                                                         Published October 16. 2017 12:01AM   The Day

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter in support of Mark Nickerson, so that he may continue as East Lyme’s first selectman. It is often said that if you want to find a good doctor, ask the nurses who work with him at the hospital. I have recently retired as the executive assistant to the first selectman after serving in that capacity for 27 years. I worked for and served 7 first selectmen and I have seen the town grow and prosper as a result of the good efforts of my former bosses. I was very lucky to work for a tremendously dedicated group of individuals, all of whom did a good job. Some, like Paul Formica, were destined for higher office and he continues to work for the benefit of the East Lyme community as state senator.

I have never written a letter to the editor before, however, I want the townspeople to understand what a prince of an individual they have in Nickerson. He stands at the front of all that I have served and he is a dedicated, responsible caring public servant. He honestly cares about the townspeople and continues to direct our community in a positive direction. I know that experience counts. Join me in voting for Mark Nickerson. 

Darlene C. Stevens
East Lyme

Vote Nickerson to maintain East Lyme’s progress                                                                            The Day  Published October 22. 2017 12:01AM 

The residents of East Lyme and Niantic are very lucky indeed. In a few short weeks we will be heading to the polls to vote for Mark Nickerson again. The choice is quite clear. Mark is doing something right for our town. Our community is vibrant, efficient and the top choice in our region to live.

Please do not think for one moment that he has accomplished this on his own. He is quick to credit his team members who sit on the various boards along with Democrats, as they work together to find solutions. Mark insists that his team focuses on the citizens of our town and not on party politics.

How refreshing, what a great leader.

Complacency is the enemy. Please be sure to vote on Nov. 7 for Mark Nickerson and his team. 

Rita Palazzo
East Lyme

From Esther Williams, "The Heart and Soul of East Lyme"

East Lyme is a wonderful community. As the former town clerk of East Lyme, a position I was grateful to serve in for 45 years as the Assistant and then Town Clerk, I know first-hand the hard work and dedication of the many citizens who volunteer on behalf of our town year after year. In addition, we have been fortunate to have elected great leaders who have helped to make East Lyme such a wonderful place in which to live and raise our children.

Mark Nickerson is one of those great leaders. He has been involved in our town for 18 years and I know that his heart is in the right place. Mark puts the people of East Lyme ahead of politics in order to “pay it forward” to the next generation. He inspires and encourages our town’s department heads and staff to be the best they can be. Mark is a true leader.

These are tough times in Connecticut and they will be for the next several years. The state budget crisis and the pressures it will put on small towns like ours are immense. Only Mark Nickerson has the experience and leadership necessary to see us through.

Mark and his Team have my full support in the upcoming elections on November 7th. Please consider a vote for the Nickerson Team so that East Lyme may continue to move forward as a community which the people are proud to call home.

Esther B. Williams
East Lyme

East Lyme needs Nickerson’s experience                                                                                    Published October 17. 2017 5:14PM    The Day

Connecticut faces very challenging times. Therefore, it is vital that our towns have sound, experienced, steady leadership. East Lyme is fortunate to have Mark Nickerson as first selectman to lead the town forward. With his 18 years of experience in municipal government, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge to the position. Under Mark’s guidance, East Lyme, unlike many towns in Connecticut, has prospered. On Nov. 7, I will be voting for Mark Nickerson for first selectman; I urge the voters of East Lyme to join me in supporting Mark and his team. 

State Rep. Holly Cheeseman
37th District, East Lyme and Salem
East Lyme

​The Independent Party of Connecticut Endorses East Lyme First Selectman 
Mark Nickerson for Re-Election on November 7th

Nickerson is a thoughtful and independent voice who continues to lead East Lyme in the right direction

East Lyme, CT- Today, the Independent Party of Connecticut endorsed East Lyme First Selectman Mark Nickerson in his campaign for re-election and urged independent and unaffiliated voters to cast their ballot for Mark. 

“Mark Nickerson is a thoughtful and independent voice for the residents of East Lyme. The town has benefited tremendously from his common sense leadership approach over the last three years. His years of dedication and public service to East Lyme is a testament of how much he cares for this community,” said Michael Duff, Chairman of the Independent Party of Connecticut. 

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Independent Party of Connecticut. I will continue to lead this community that I love with an independent voice for all residents. We are an incredible town and I am looking forward to serving you for another two years!” said Mark Nickerson.